Avon Lake Power Plant & Lorain Impoundment Field Trip
January 12, 2013

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Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society

Avon Lake Power Plant and Lorain Harbor field trip

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Leader: Gabe Leidy

29 species, 16 birders


Five more minutes!  Words to live by in birding.  Just as we finished our bird lists for the day, a NORTHERN HARRIER hovered over Lorain Impoundment, a great look at a great bird. The rest of the day featured anomalous weather, 60 degrees, with no anomalous birds.  It was very unlike our Avon Lake field trip in 2011, see Avon2011  (Planning ahead does not always pay)


Bird List

Canada Goose, at Avon and Lorain

American Black Duck, at Lorain

Mallard, at Lorain

Canvasback, at Lorain

Lesser Scaup, at Lorain

Bufflehead, at Avon

Common Goldeneye, at Avon

Common Merganser, found dead on the pier at Lorain Harbor

Red-breasted Merganser, at Avon

Common Loon, at Avon

Pied-billed Grebe, at Lorain

Double-crested Cormorant, at Avon and Lorain

Great Blue Heron, at Lorain

Northern Harrier, hovering over Lorain Impoundment

American Coot, at Lorain

Bonaparte's Gull, at Lorain

Ring-billed Gull, at Lorain and Avon

Herring Gull, at Lorain and Avon

Great Black-backed Gull, at Lorain and Avon

Rock Pigeon, at Lorain and Avon

Red-bellied Woodpecker, at Avon

American Crow, on the way from Avon to Lorain

Horned Lark, heard at Lorain and Avon

Tufted Titmouse, at Avon

White-breasted Nuthatch, at Avon

Brown Creeper, at Avon

American Robin, at Avon

European Starling, at Lorain and Avon

Red-winged Blackbird at Lorain





Avon Lake Power Plant Birding Group
Avon Lake Power Plant Birders Mary Anne Romito

Avon Birders on pier
Avon Birders on pier Mary Anne Romito

Lorain Birders
Birding at Lorain Penny O'Connor

Lorain Driftwood
Lorain Driftwood Penny O'Connor

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