Why give to WCAS?

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Americans are bombarded everyday by charities asking for money.  The Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society is no different.  We’re asking you include WCAS in your will or retirement plans.  These gifts will help keep our environmental education programs alive. 

You’re probably asking yourself right now, “What’s in it for me?” Simply this: By including WCAS in your will or other estate plan, you can help ensure that future generations will enjoy the wonders of nature as you do now.

Ways of giving to WCAS

If you have not yet written a will, we urge you to do so.  A properly-prepared will is the only way to be sure that your wishes will be carried out after your lifetime.  It is important that you have your will prepared by an attorney who understands your needs and is familiar with the laws of Ohio.  If you already written your will, you may add a bequest to WCAS by asking your attorney to prepare an amendment or codicil.  Your attorney may find the following paragraph helpful in preparing your will:

 “I bequeath to the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, a non-profit organization with its principal offices located at 4310 Bush Ave., Cleveland, OH 44109 and tax ID number of 34-1522665, the sum of $_______for its general unrestricted environment conservation purposes.”

You can save additional taxes by naming WCAS as the beneficiary of your retirement plan.  Assets remaining in your retirement plan at your death will be subject to estate and income taxes in the hands of your heirs.  A good way to maximize benefits is to bequeath cash, securities, and real property to your family and leave your retirement plan assets to WCAS.  To name WCAS as a beneficiary of the assets in your retirement plan, you should request a beneficiary designation form from the plan sponsor.

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