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Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society

Field Trip to Daughmer Prairie Bur Oak Savanna State Nature Preserve

Saturday, August 16, 2014


David Dvorak (WCAS) and Warren Uxley (Crawford Park District)


The field trip began at Lowe-Volk Park, headquarters of the Crawford Park District, where a wildflower garden includes a riot of Cardinal Flowers, including a few plants with white or magenta blooms.  Daughmer Prairie became a State Nature Preserve in 2011.  It is one of the rare remnants of the Sandusky Plain.  A former sheep ranch, the property was held by the same family for 160 years and was never plowed.  As soon as grazing stopped, the seed bank gave rise to a variety of prairie grasses and flowers.  The prairie pothole here is home to several extremely rare sedges.  The fire-resistant Bur Oaks are 200-300 years old.  Six birders enjoyed colorful prairie plants and a number of young Red-headed Woodpeckers.


Bird List - 20 species


Turkey Vulture - 4

Mourning Dove - 1

Red-headed Woodpecker - 8

Red-bellied Woodpecker - 1

Northern Flicker - 2

Eastern Wood Pewee - 3

Eastern Phoebe - 1

Eastern Kingbird - 2

Blue Jay - 3

Northern Rough-winged Swallow - 1

Barn Swallow - 1

Eastern Bluebird - 1

American Robin - 2

Gray Catbird - 1

European Starling - 2

Cedar Waxwing - 3

Field Sparrow - 3

Song Sparrow - 3

Indigo Bunting - 2

American Goldfinch - 4



Daughmer Prairie Birders
Daughmer Prairie Birders Penny O'Connor

Cardinal Flowers Garden
Cardinal Flower Garden Penny O'Connor

White Cardinal Flower
White Cardinal Flower Tom Fishburn

Daughmer Savannah
Daughmer Savannah Tom Fishburn

Ruby Meadowhawk
Ruby Meadowhawk Tom Fishburn

Sawtooth Sunflower
Sawtooth Sunflower Tom Fishburn

Penny photographing Indian Grass
Penny photographing Indiangrass Tom Fishburn

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