Hinckley West Drive Parking Areas

Hinckley West Dr Parking areas


Johnson's Picnic Area:

Take Bellus Rd to West Dr. Turn south on West Dr. Go past the Spillway Picnic Area, Red Wing Cabin and the Hinckley Lake Boathouse parking. Continue to the bottom of the hill. Turn left into Johnson's Picnic Area. (Note: The Hinckley Lake Boathouse parking also has a sign for Johnson's picnic area, ignore that!) The parking lot we want is the one at the bottom of the hill. Just opposite this parking lot is a horseman's parking lot, so you will know you are in the right parking lot.

Buzzard Roost:

Same directions as Johnson's Picnic area except keep going past Johnson's back up the hill to almost State Road. Buzzard Roost Parking is on the right just before State Road.




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