Lorain Harbor and Black River Fieldtrip
February 18, 2012

Report Photos by Penny O'Connor

Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society
Field Trip to Lorain Harbor and Black River
Saturday, February 18, 2012
Leader: Rich Kassouf

A windy sunny Saturday morning made travel easy. The Avon Lake Power Plant did not attract very many birds. Lake Erie is open this year. At Lorain Harbor Ring-billed Gulls shared space with a sprinkling of Herring Gulls and Great Black-backed Gulls. There were only a few ducks. A flock of 800 or more Red-breasted Mergansers flew past. After a survey of the gulls, we moved to the Black River, where four Black-crowned Night Herons perched by the shore. A raft of Canvasbacks moved upriver along with Scaup and Common Mergansers.

19 species

Canada Goose
Scaup sp.
Common Goldeneye
Common Merganser
Red-breasted Merganser
Double-crested Cormorant
Black-crowned Night Heron
American Coot
Ring-billed Gull
Herring Gull
Great Black-backed Gull
Lesser Black-backed Gull
American Crow
Red-winged Blackbird
Common Grackle



Lorain Birders

Lorain Lighthouse

Which gull is that one?

Sunny day birding.

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