Lorain Impoundment, Lorain, OH


Lorain Impoundment



Here's the address to use in google maps or GPS: (301 Lakeside Avenue, Lorain, OH, 44052). This is the address for the restaurant at Spitzer Marina, called "Jackalope Lakeside." The restaurant sits just to the south of the large impoundment. Plenty of parking can be found north of the restaurant, on the west side of the impoundment.


DIRECTIONS: Take 90 East or West. Take exit 151 for Route 611 towards Sheffield/Avon. Go NORTH on 611. You'll pass gas stations immediately on the left and a McDonald's on the right. Continue on Route 611/Colorado Avenue for 6 miles. At one point, Route 611 will bend to the left (south). There is a Wendy's on this corner. CONTINUE STRAIGHT through the light (Colorado Avenue now). Go over railroad tracks. Not far after, you will dead end at Route 6/Lake Road. Continue straight through this light. Colorado immediately takes a hard left turn and turns into Lakeside Avenue. Hang left at this turn then immediately turn RIGHT into the Spitzer/Lakeside area. You'll see the restaurant and Spitzer/Lakeside building on your left and the impoundment ahead. You can't miss it. Use Google SATELLITE map to actually see the impoundment. It's the huge half-circle piece of land just north of Jackalope/Lakeside.


Alternate Directions to Lorain Impoundment from Cleveland are:


Take I-90 west to Crocker-Bassett Roads exit (Turn right).  Take Bassett Road to Lake Road (Turn left).  Take Lake Road to Lorain (about 15 miles).

Turn right on Colorado Road.  Colorado immediately takes a hard left turn and turns into Lakeside Avenue.  Turn left, then immediately turn right into the marina area.  The impoundment is straight ahead.  A trail goes around the impoundment.  The trailhead is just to the right of the parking area.





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