Bath Nature Preserve Field trip Jan. 20, 2007

Bath Nature Preserve, January 20, 2007

About 26 participants from both Greater Akron & Western Cuyahoga Audubon Societies

"The birds got very exciting towards the end of the walk..... picture perfect view of a bluebird, and awesome looks at the hawk and kestrel." -- Laurie Boylan

Species Photos
xx Canada Geese
x Red-tailed Hawk
x American Kestrel,
   great view of his hovering abilities!
x Mourning Dove
x Red-bellied Woodpecker
x Downy Woodpecker
x Blue Jay
x American Crow
x Black-capped Chickadee
x White-breasted Nuthatch
x Eastern Bluebird,
   beautiful male in sunshine
xx American Robins
x American Tree Sparrow
x Song Sparrow
x American Goldfinch


Birders at Bath Mary Anne Romito

American Kestrel Dave Lewis

Glorious sun Laurie Boylan

Fabulous clouds Laurie Boylan

Red-tailed Hawk Dave Lewis

Same hawk from rear Dave Lewis

What a better way to spend the day Laurie Boylan

Eastern Bluebird Dave Lewis

Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, 4310 Bush Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109