Cleveland Zoo Field Trip
February 17, 2008

Report & Species Photos
Stan Searles, Curator of Birds and Aquatics at the Cleveland Zoo gave WCAS a personally guided tour of the Birds of the Rainforest at the Cleveland Zoo.

Stan also took the time to tell us about ups and downs of Zoo bird populations. There's lot more to it than you  might think. Thank you, Stan.

Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe was very good, followed by a walk around the African Safari and the Northern Trek.

Below is a species list of all the birds we saw. You guess which ones are part of the Zoo collection and which ones are not.

African Less Flamingo
Aleutian Canada Goose
American Black Duck
American Crow
American Robin
Andean Condor
Bald Eagle
Barrows Goldeneye
Black-capped Chickadee
Blue Jay
Canada Goose
Canvasback (duck)
Cinereous Vulture
Common Shelduck
Dark-eyed Junco
Emperor Goose
European Starling
Green-winged Teal
Herring Gull
House Sparrow
Lesser Scaup
Mandarin Duck
Mourning Dove
Northern Cardinal
Northern Shoveler
Red-capped Cardinal
Red-crowned Crane
Redhead (duck)
Red-tailed Hawk
Ring Teal
Ring-billed Gull
Rosette Spoonbill
Scarlett Ibis
Scarlett Macaw
Trumpeter Swan
Tufted Duck
Turkey Vulture
Wattled Jacana
White Stork
White-throated Sparrow

41 Species

Rainforest Birders Mary Anne Romito

African Spoonbill Dave Lewis

Barrow's Goldeneye Dave Lewis

House Sparrows Dave Lewis

Wattled Jacana Dave Lewis

Lesser Scaup Dave Lewis

Mandarin Duck Dave Lewis

Northern Shoveler Dave Lewis

Orangutan Dave Lewis

River Otter Dave Lewis

Red-capped Crane Dave Lewis

Reindeer Dave Lewis

Tufted Duck Dave Lewis

Two-toes Sloth Dave Lewis

Lesser African Flamingo Mary Anne Romito

Emperor Goose Mary Anne Romito


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