Conneaut Harbor

Note:  Conneaut is about 85 miles from the west side of Cleveland, about 1 hour and. 20 minutes or more via I-90 east. 

Directions:  Take I-90 east to Ohio Route 7 Exit 241 toward Conneaut/Andover.  Go left onto Route 7. Follow Route 7 for about two miles until you reach State Street.  Turn right at State St. .  Then go left onto Broad Street. Follow Broad Street to the marina.  Once you drive down the hill to the marina, turn left and follow this road until you reach a sandy road at the end of which will take you to the Sandspit.

Vehicles drive on the Sandspit when conditions permit. Use judgment about driving the sand road.

Restrooms are by the marina parking area.  Restrooms and other amenities are also in Conneaut Township Park, which overlooks the beach.  The address of the park is 480 Lake Rd., Conneaut, OH 44030.

A map of the beach and marina area is at:

Use the satellite view to see where the sand road is located.  The Sandspit is in the left-side of that view.

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