Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve
Dike 14, Gordon Park



The preserve is located on an old dredge disposal site formerly known as Dike 14 and is adjacent to the East 72d Street Marina in Cleveland.

Be sure to park at the Cleveland Lakefront State Park office, not the E.72d Street Marina parking lot. The park office is at 8701 Lake Shore Blvd.

Get to the Cleveland Lakefront State Park office by taking the Martin Luther King Dr. exit off of the Shoreway / I-90.  Turn north toward Lake Erie, and follow Lakeshore Blvd. right to the top of the hill and turn left into the park office parking lot.


Wear good shoes and socks, long pants for hiking. The terrain is very rough and there are no established signage, walks or trails. We'll take it slow, but it is a wild place that almost no one has accessed yet, so be prepared. There are ticks on site. If you are concerned, you can use bug spray before the hike but that is a personal choice.. You can also tuck pants into socks and do a quick check when we are done hiking, and there should be no problem.

Restrooms are available near the Nature Preserve at the Cleveland Lakefront State Park office, and in the Cleveland Lakefront State Park immediately to the west of the Nature Preserve. No facilities on site.

Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, 4310 Bush Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109