Killdeer Plains

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Overview map

Directions to follow:

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Follow I-71 to Exit 176, Route 30 West toward Mansfield/MidOhio. Follow Route 30 for 47.2 miles to the exit for E. Wyandot Ave./CH330. Go left off the exit, and follow E. Wyandot Ave into Upper Sandusky. Turn left onto S. 8th St. (53/67) Continue south on that road as it becomes Marseilles Ave./67, then Main St./67. A short distance outside of town, you can turn left on CH 115 (county highway) or on TH 108 (township highway) and proceed south into Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area.  The Sportsman's Center is just west off TH108, on former CH75.  Distance from Upper Sandusky to Killdeer Plains is about 8 miles.

(These directions may be out of date)

From the Cleveland area, take I-71 south to US 30.  Take US 30 west until it starts to swing around Upper Sandusky, then take OH 182 into town.  As you're leaving downtown on the west side, go south on OH 67.  From OH 67 you can go straight south into Killdeer Plains on (in order of encounter) CH 115, TH 108, or TH 103, or enter the western edge on CH 75.
Winter highlights:  Northern harriers and rough-legged hawks are common, working the fields.  Short-eared owls are regular across CH 115 from the HQ and behind the Sportsman's Service Center on CH 75.  Red-headed woodpeckers are regular at the large pond on CH 75 between TH 103 and TH 123.  One or more of long-eared, barred, and northern saw-whet owls are often in the pine grove behind a private inholding on CH 71 a bit east of TH 103; park in the small lot just to the west of the private land and walk south.  When searching for the owls, go slow and quiet, and back off from their roosting trees if you happen to be close when you spot them.

Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, 4310 Bush Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109