Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Detail Map (overview map below) Directions below.


Overview Map

Directions to Lake View Cemetery:

If you are using GPS, a good address to use is 12308 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH 44106

From west, Take I-90 to Chester Ave. exit, downtown Cleveland. Follow Chester Ave. east about 3 miles to Euclid Avenue. Turn left, to east on Euclid Ave. Pass Mayfield Road intersection, and Cleveland Institute of Art building on right. Go under railroad tracks.  Cemetery entrance is on the right, just past East 123rd street, opposite the Free Clinic. When you enter the Cemetery, turn right. The office is a stone building with a modern front. Park by the office building.

From east, take I-271 to US 322 Mayfield Road Exit. Follow Mayfield Road toward the west. You will travel 7-plus miles. After you pass Coventry Road, go past Mayfield Cemetery, and watch for wide entrance to Lake View Cemetery on the right. Follow signs downhill to the Cemetery Office.


Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, 4310 Bush Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109