Observing and Recording 2006


The beginning of June 2006 was a little wet.
© Paula Lozano

In fact it was so wet, we got a few wetland birds during our forest bird survey.
Mallard © Paula Lozano

Kit Birch is recording in Hinckley.
© Mary Anne Romito

Tom Romito gives instructions to Mary Anne on the use of GPS.
© Paula Lozano

Lucy McKernan recording in Rocky River.
© Paula Lozano

John Andes recording in Rocky Rocky River.
© Paula Lozano

OK, some of the species weren't even birds but they were exciting.
© Paula Lozano

And some of the bird species were not what we hoped for, but they are birds!
Cowbirds© Paula Lozano

Grackles were better than cowbirds.
© Paula Lozano

Deer and more deer. Oh My!
© Paula Lozano

Sally Eldermire recording in Rocky River.
© Paula Lozano

But then some species were spectacular.
Baltimore Oriole© Paula Lozano

What better way to spend a summer morning than in the beautiful Rocky River Important Bird Area!
© Paula Lozano
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