Point Finding 2006

All photographs courtesy of Mary Anne Romito

Here, Dan Petit, Tom Romito, and Liz Clingman chart points on a map using GPS.

There go Dan Petit (left), Rich Kassouf (center), and Tom Romito (right) down a trail in search of another point.

Tom, Dan, and Rich discuss their route to a point.

Dan and Tom "flag" a point for observers to find.

Tom Romito (center) comments to Dan Petit about the location of a point while Rich Kassouf contemplates the situation.

Rich and Dan climb this monster hill to find a point while Tom and Mary Anne wait at the bottom.

Tom Romito (left) and Don Howell review directions to a point in Hinckley Reservation while Nancy Bucher takes notes to transcribe into instructions for the observers follow.

Nancy transcribes her notes into her laptop computer, which she will print out later for the observers.

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