Rocky River IBA Breeding Bird Atlas Bio-blist Survey June 14, 2008

Hello all,

The RR IBA Blitz was wonderful. Despite the rainy morning over 25 people participated. Groups, both large and small went out into 4 Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas (OBBAII) blocks.

Ken Gober's Monthly Morning with the Birds hike found enough birds to complete the Rocky River Nature Center block, 40A3SE. Penny's block, 40A4CW, is very close to completion. A completed block still welcomes new sightings.

Much new info was found for two blocks in Hinckley: Rising Valley, 41B5SW and the very southern part of the Rocky River IBA, 41C5CW. The Rising Valley block will be completed this year as part of the Rocky River Important Bird Area forest breeding bird surveys.

After all the bird watching was over a great potluck lunch was enjoyed by 10 volunteers.

For more information on the OBBAII see their website:

Thank you to all who participated in the Blitz and in Atlasing in the Rocky River Important Bird Area.



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