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Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society

Thanks to our Great Volunteers

Thank you volunteers

WCAS field trips, outreach and projects could not be done without so many skilled and dedicated volunteers.   

Thanks go out to the following WCAS members who spent time interacting with 

   visitors to our displays at events.  Liz Clingman and Nancy Howell staffed the

   display at the Conservation Symposium on Friday, September 11th. Over 200

   people attended the symposium and many viewed the display.


   On Friday, September 18 Kit Birch, Liz Clingman and Nancy Howell staffed our  

   display and bird identification game at the Backyard Biodiversity Blitz at West

   Creek Reservation. For a Friday late afternoon event approximately 250 people

   came by the display, learned about WCAS, played the bird I.D. game and had

   a great time. Those of us staffing the table also had a good time interacting with

   and educating visitors.  


Field Trip Leaders

Susan Ballard

Sandy Brown

Erik Bruder

Dave Dvorak

Tim Jasinski

Tammy Martin

Patty McKelvey

Liz McQuaid

Gary Neuman

Mary Anne Romito

Tom Romito

Warren Uxley

Penny O'Connor, field trip coorinator


Second Saturday Bird Walk Leaders  (12 walks!)

Bill Deininger

Ken Gober

Dave Graskemper


RiverDay CLNP Bird Walk Volunteers

Jen Brumfield

Bill Deininger

Tom Fishburn

Joanne Gorges

Terry Gorges

Nancy Howell

Tom Romito


Event Volunteers

Patti Ambrose

Nancy Beheim

Marti Burrows

Liz Clingman

Tim Colborn

Nancy Howell

Penny O'Connor

Joe Reardon


Hospitality at Meetings

June Cangey

Sue Sawyer


Walton School Project Volunteers

Terry Duncan

Audrey Goebl

Michelle Manzo

Suzanne Rafferty

Tom Romito


Science Fair Judges

Michelle Manzo

Penny O'Connor


CLNP Survey Coordinator

Laura Gooch


WCAS Board Members

Kit Birch

Liz Clingman

Nancy Howell

Kurt Miske

Penny O'Connor

Mary Anne Romito

Tom Romito


And thanks to the staff at Rocky River Nature Nature Center for assistance with our programs!

Thank you to all the photographers who have sent in photos.






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