Vernal Pools

A study of vernal pools in the Rocky River Important Bird Area has been suggested. This is a unique opportunity to study amphibians. If you are interested in helping please contact Valarie at the telephone number below.

Below is a vernal pool definition. This basic definition would help someone know if a specific puddle of water is actually a vernal pool.


A vernal pool:

         Fills seasonally with water from precipitation (rain or snow-melt), runoff, or changes in ground water levels.  A vernal pool does not have a continuous connection to a larger body of water.

         Holds water for at least 2-3 months.  The pool must hold water long enough so that the amphibian reproductive cycle, for example, can complete.

         Holds water temporarily.  Most vernal pools will dry up once a year, or dry out significantly each year.

         Does not allow for fish populations to thrive, and because of this is suitable habitat for specific species (for example: spotted, Jefferson, marbled, and small-mouthed salamanders).

         Occurs in or next to forests or other wooded areas.


Thanks again for your help,

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Education Specialist

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