Wake Robin Trail, Mentor Marsh


DIRECTIONS to Wake Robin Trail:

From SR 2 in Mentor, go North on SR 44 towards Headlands State Park

But before you get there, get off 44 at SR 283 (Lakeshore Blvd.)

Turn left (west) and go 1 or 2 miles to CORDUROY ROAD

Turn right (north) and go about a mile north thru the Marsh

Just after you come out of the Marsh and all the Phragmites, turn left at the stoplight at Woodbridge Road, there's a fire station on the right here

Drive down Woodbridge Road for about 5 streets until you get to Wake Robin Street going north

Here, there is a parking lot on the south side (left side) of the road where there should be a house

Drive in and park and walk down the trail and into the Marsh    

Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, 4310 Bush Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109 info@wcasohio.org