2006 Rocky River IBA Summary


WCAS had a great success in 2006 with its IBA project! 

We provided our data to Cleveland Metroparks.  Cleveland Metroparks analyzed the data and began to draw defensible conclusions about bird population trends in the Rocky River watershed and the quality of specific big tracts of forest and wetlands for breeding birds. 

For example, the results showed that there are a number of forest breeding bird species that are highly sensitive to habitat disturbance.  These are called forest obligate species and do not occur in any habitat except forest.  We found that more forest-dwelling neotropical migratory birds occurred in large square-shaped tracts of forest than in elongated forest tracts. 

By protecting and managing these important, big tracts of forest and wetlands that are located along the Rocky River, birds requiring these habitats will be protected and in the long run, the watershed will be better protected.

To see the Analysis of 2006 Rocky River IBA Data click here.

Rocky River IBA Observers and recorders!
 click here for 2006 survey forms, maps, directions and results


Western Cuyahoga Audubon is proud to announce that the planning for our Rocky River Important Bird Area Project well under way.   

Map of Rocky River IBA area.

Thank you Volunteers.
Claudia Anders
John Andes
David Anghilante
Ken Ballas
Kit Birch
Laurie Boylan
Nancy Bucher
Warren Bucher
Carol Burns
Ray Burns
Glenda Buzzelli
June Cangey
Liz Clingman
Mary Cruz
Bill Deininger
Holly Dibin
Dave Dvorak
Sally Eldermire
Holly Ferrante
Cathy Flynn
Chris Flynn
Henry Fortlage
Susan Fursh
Joanne Gorges
Terry Gorges
David Graskemper
Rosemary Hitch
Don Howell
Nancy Howell
Mary Lou Hura
Ed Innocenzi
Laura Jordan
Lynn Josefsen
Rich Kassouf
Dan King
Tim Krynak
Arlene Lehtinen
Bruce Lehtinen
Linda Lessin
Dave Lewis
Andy Lihani
Jerry Lindak
David Losher
Paula Lozano
Terri Martincic
Lucy McKernan
Mike Milkie
Carol Moxley 
Dean Murad
Penny O'Connor
Kimberly Payne
Edward Perhacs
Dan Petit
Ron Pintner
Pat Poole
Ellie Reagan
Marty Reynard
Nelson Ritz
Mary Anne Romito
Tom Romito
Kathy Schultz
Colin Sheppard
Lisa Sheppard
Diana Steel
Marie Sullivan
Martha Thomas
Kathleen Tiburzi
Charles Werner
Jennifer Werrell
Mary Jane White
Carol Wilson
Sara Woodward
Gayle Zimmerman


First, WCAS had a planning meeting, August 20, 2005 to figure out how we would develop a strategy for adopting the Rocky River Important Bird Area (IBA).
During the Planning meeting, our attendees decided to form three committees. Each committee held several meetings.

For Committee Meeting minutes, click here  

American Robin
© Dave Lewis

WCAS held a  "kick-off” open house at Rocky River Nature Center, Sunday, March 5, 2006

WCAS held a training session for those  interested in participating in our Breeding Bird Survey on Sunday, April 2, 2006 at Rocky River Nature Center


Chestnut-sided warbler
© Dave Lewis

Monitoring of the Rocky River breeding forest birds will take place between June 1 and July 15, 2006. But before the monitors (teams of observers and recorders) can go out the points must be found. Point finders labored for three weeks to "knock down" 60 points throughout the watershed.

The most fun part was the actual observing and recording. Twelve teams went out three times. Each team were assigned five points to observe.

To see the results of the surveys, click here.

Rocky River IBA enthusiast
© Mary Anne Romito

After all the hard work was done a little appreciation was needed. Dinner and updates were provided.

IBA sign in Berea
© Terri Martincic


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